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hachewy asked:

I wasn't insulting Korrasami. People were just taking that scene out of context and over-playing a friendly gesture.



Cont.: “Alright, all I meant to say that ‘some’ korrasami shippers were trying too hard to argue that scene for their ship. Sorry if that offended you.”

Listen, you seem like a nice person and I’m not trying to sound like a jerk. but this is something that is all too prevalent that I think really needs to be addressed.

Why is it that when Korra hugs Mako for a bit too long, fans can theorize “Maybe they’ll get back together?”. Or when any other pair of male/female characters who are also currently good friends have a moment, fans can speculate to their wit’s end. But when it’s two girls having an intimate moment, fans are automatically shut down because “That’s impossible. It could never happen, you’re misreading a friendship.”

Why are we not allowed the same kind of guessing games as fans of other ships? It’s fun, we enjoy it, it gives us a little shred of hope. Even if the chances of it being canon are slim to none.

We understand the importance of healthy female friendships. But we also want to see ourselves, as queer women, represented. And we should have to right to, at the very least, the same sort of scene analysis as other people.

love this response

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